The 9/7 Harvester rush is a standard rush for Beetles which takes advantage of the ability to replenish Harvesters faster than other races can replenish their units. The rush features two waves of Harvester attacks: the first with 9 Harvesters, and the second with 7 Harvesters.

Build order Edit

  • Turn 1: Gather ambria.
  • Turn 2: Morph a water pod, gather ambria.
  • Turn 3: Split 2 Harvesters.
  • Turn 4: Morph a water pod, split 3 Harvesters, activate Hardened Exoskeleton.
  • Turn 5: Split 4 Harvesters.
  • Turn 6: Move 9 Harvester to the low ground, leaving one behind.

From here, continue to move the 9 Harvesters across the map to do combat with the enemy. It is not imperative to destroy any tech structures or even make cost-effective trades, as you will be able to rebuild your Harvesters faster than your opponent can rebuild any units that he loses.

Once your Harvesters die, simply spend the next three turns splitting in your base to reach 8 Harvesters, then send 7 to attack the enemy again. The remaining Harvester can split and begin morphing tech structures while the second wave moves across the map.

Effectiveness Edit

Against Rats, this rush is an effective way of punishing a Workshop first opening, as the first wave should hit before Siege Weapons reach the low ground. It can be held off relatively easily if the Rat player goes ArmoryReservoirArchery Range for an early Skirmisher/Longbow army, or builds a fast second Nest to replenish dead Rats faster.

Against Lizards, this rush can be defended by building an early Temple of Ctenos to get out Agamas and Fervor.

Against Virus, this rush can fail very early if the Virus player opens with Infection I. Even if the Harvesters make it into the Virus base and destroy the Stagnant Reservoir, you will also leave behind several Festering Corpses and put yourself at a disadvantage.

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