All units, weapons, siege weapons, and some traits have one of three attack types: Piercing, Blunt, or Vector. These attributes determine what type of damage a card deals when it attacks.

Piercing and Blunt Edit

Piercing units deal piercing damage counters when they attack, and these can be negated by piercing armor. Similarly, blunt units deal blunt damage counters when they attack, and these can be negated by blunt armor. There are no mechanical differences between piercing and blunt damage.

For lists of units with each of these attack types, see Category:Piercing attack type and Category:Blunt attack type.

It is possible for an attack to deal both piercing and blunt damage. The flaming arrows upgrade for Rats causes Longbows and Ballistas to deal both types of damage.

Note that although Master Spear has an attack type, its Headshot ability is not affected by armor, so it does not matter which type of damage counter you use. The same is true of attacks dealt by Venomous lizards with the Refined Corrosive Agent upgrade.

Vector Edit

The only cards that have the vector attack type are Mosquitoes, Festering Corpses (with the Airborne Pathogen upgrade), and Reanimated units. These all belong to the Virus race.

When a vector attacks a Maggot or Mosquito, the card that was attacked morphs into an Abomination. When a vector attacks any other unit (including Abominations), it receives a Carrier card attachment.

Reanimated units are both vectors and the original attack type of the units. For example, since Hunters are piercing, a reanimated Hunter would be both vector and piercing.

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