Pheromone Pod: May support one Pheromone at a timeHoard: Allows nearby Harvesters to gather twice per turnAlert: Reveals nearby hidden unitsBind: Reduces speed of nearby enemiesFrenzy: +1 attack power for nearby beetlesLiquefy: Used against the VirusHarvester: Morphs to produce structures and units, splits to produce more HarvestersThinker: May support one Upgrade or Form at a timeHardened Exoskeleton: Increases piercing armorSerrated Pincers: Increases melee attack powerHunter Form: Allows units to morph into HunterHunter: Strong melee unitClavigera Spores: Makes enemy cards more expensiveToxic Spray: Increases ranged attack powerHurler Form: Allows units to morph into HurlerHurler: Ranged unitScavenge: Gain water from dead enemiesRapid Excavation: Increases speed of DiggersDigger Form: Allows units to morph into DiggerDigger: Slow Hidden unitProgenesis: Allows units to split like a HarvesterEvasion: Allows Flyers to dodge ranged attacksFlyer Form: Allows units to morph into FlyerFlyer: Fast melee unitWater Pod: Allows up to 3 beetles to gather water or splitStructureUnitPheromoneUpgradeFormBeetle Tech Tree
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Notes Edit

  • Hovering your mouse cursor over a bubble will give a brief tooltip on the purpose of that card. Clicking on a bubble will take you to the page about that card.
  • The blue bubble at the top of each box indicates the name of a structure. All other bubbles inside of a box indicate what cards can be supported by that structure. For example, a Pheromone Pod can support the Alert pheromone.
  • The black arrows indicate the tech requirements for each unit. For example, to morph a Digger, one of your Thinkers must be supporting the Digger Form.
  • The Beetle deck does not have any unit-producing structures. Existing units either split to produce more units, or morph into different units.

Examples Edit

  • Moderate: In order to bring the Frenzy pheromone into play, you must first morph a Pheromone Pod. When it is finished, it can begin supporting the Frenzy pheromone.
  • Advanced: Suppose you want to bring Hurlers into play with extra damage and the ability to split. You must morph three Thinkers: One will support the Hurler Form, which allows your units to morph into Hurlers. One will support the Toxic Spray upgrade, which makes your Hurlers deal more damage. The other Thinker will support the Progenesis upgrade, which allows all of your units to split (ordinarily, only Harvesters can split).
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