In Apex Predator, all units have one of three combat classes: melee, ranged, or long range. The combat class and engagement of a unit affect what cards it is allowed to attack during the combat phase:

Ready Engaged once Engaged twice Engaged three times
Melee Can attack any nearby card. Can only attack other Melee units. Cannot attack Ranged, Long Range, or structures. Cannot attack Cannot attack
Ranged Can attack any nearby card. Can attack any nearby card. Cannot attack Cannot attack
Long Range Can attack any nearby card, or any card in an adjacent location. Can attack any nearby card. Cannot attack Cannot attack

For example, if a Harvester is engaged once in the same location as an enemy Gulbar, a Barbed Agama, and a Temple of Ctenos, the Harvester can attack the Gulbar, but not the Agama (because it is ranged) nor the Temple (because it is a structure).

If a unit is bringing a new card into play, it cannot attack, regardless of its combat class or engagement. For examples, a Gulbar building a structure, a Rat building a siege weapon, a Harvester splitting, and a Mosquito morphing into an Abomination would all be ineligible to attack until those actions complete.

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