The early Nest is a standard opening for Rats which seeks to build a second Nest as early as possible, allowing the player to build two Rats per turn and max out quickly.

Build order Edit

  • Turn 1: Build a reservoir, gather ambria
  • Turn 2: Build a reservoir, build a Rat
  • Turn 3: Build a Rat, gather 2 water and 1 ambria
  • Turn 4: Build a Nest

Effectiveness Edit

The main weakness of this build order is that it delays the availability of ranged weapons, which can be exploited by Lizards opening with the Mendelon.

Against Beetles, this build works well to mitigate the ability of the Beetle army to reproduce quickly, particularly if you transition into Armory and later tech options. Producing Male Rats two at a time while also training skirmishers can effectively counter low-tech Beetle strategies.

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