Description Edit

  • Race: Rat
  • Type: Skill
  • Tech requirements:
  • Built where?: Workshop
  • Build cost: no cost
  • Effects/Abilities:
    • Whenever a Foreman builds a new structure, the cost is reduced by 1 ambria. You may also engage any nearby Craftsman to reduce the build time and cost by 1. (Both a minimum of 1.)
  • Attributes:
    • Maximum of 1 in play

Mechanics Edit

To use Foreman's special ability, pay the cost of a structure and begin building it with Foreman, just as you would normally. Then engage any nearby Craftsman once, ready the Foreman and structure once, and take back an ambria. You may repeat this with as many Craftsman as you control, though the cost of the structure and the build time can never be lower than 1. Structures aren't free and you can't travel back in time.

Strategy Edit

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