Description Edit

Mechanics Edit

To bring into play: pay cost (1 water), turn Gulbar face down, engage card 1 turn, and place underneath Oviary.

To bring into play with a trait: pay combined cost of Gulbar and trait, attach trait to Gulbar, turn both cards face down, engage both cards none, and place underneath Oviary.

To gather ambria: engage any ready Gulbar once in your base, take one ambria counter.

To gather water: engage any ready Gulbar once, place underneath a nearby Well.

To build a structure: check tech requirements of structure, pay cost of structure, place structure face down underneath a ready Gulbar, engage both cards according to the structure's Build time attribute.

Strategy Edit

In general, it is important to bring all of your Gulbars into play early on in the game. The more turns you have all of your Gulbars gathering or building, the faster you can unlock tech options. Use more powerful units for combat unless you are going all-in.

When playing against Virus, once your opponent researches Infection I, avoid building new structures unless you are certain that you can keep the virus out of your base long enough for the structure to finish.

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