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The Lizards deck features units, traits, structures, and upgrades. There are five basic units, but any unit can be given one of four traits. Each trait can be modified by researching one of two upgrades, but not both. Choose carefully: once an upgrade has been researched, it cannot be discarded! Each upgrade is researched at a specific tech structure.

New units and traits are unlocked by building tech structures. Once unlocked, all units and traits are produced at the Oviary. The Gulbar is the only Lizard unit that can gather resources or build structures.

Lizards tend to win through constant aggression. They can begin producing ranged units earlier than any other race, and with the right tech choices, a single Lizard can be capable of eliminating two or even three enemies at a time.




Prep phase[]

Build phase[]

During the build phase, you can engage cards to have them perform various actions, such as gathering resources and building structures. When bringing new cards into play, be sure to check the Lizard Tech Tree to make sure that you have fulfilled all of the tech requirements.

  • To gather ambria, you must have a ready Gulbar in your base. Engage the Gulbar once, then take an ambria counter. You can do this once with each Gulbar, and there is no maximum number of resource counters you can hold at a time.
  • To gather water, you must have a ready Gulbar and a Well in your base. Engage the Gulbar once, place it underneath the Well, then take a water counter. Each Well can hold up to 3 Gulbars at a time.
  • To build a unit, check its cost and build time. Pay the cost, place it face-down underneath the Oviary, then engage the unit according to its build time. The Oviary can start producing up to 2 new units during each build phase, even if it has not finished building units from a previous turn.
    • Optional: you may assign a new unit one trait before you place it underneath the Oviary. Doing so increases the cost of the unit by +1 water, but does not affect the build time.
  • To research an upgrade, the structure which researches it must be ready. Pay the cost of the upgrade, place it underneath the appropriate structure, then engage both cards according to the upgrade's build time.

Move phase[]

After the build phase, you may move any ready unit to an adjacent location.

Combat phase[]

Cleanup phase[]