Morph is a mechanic that is used by both Beetles and the Virus. It refers to any process by which one card (or group of cards) transforms into another card.

The morphing mechanics are different for the two races.

Beetles Edit

  • To morph a structure, locate the cost in the upper right and the morph time attribute at the bottom of the card. Set aside a group of ready units (usually Harvesters) which collectively hold enough ambria to pay the cost. Remove all resource counters from these Units, place them in a stack, place the structure face-down underneath the stack, then engage all cards in the stack according to the morph time attribute. When the stack reaches the ready orientation, all units helping with the morph are discarded, and the structure is turned face-up.
  • To morph a unit, the procedure is mostly the same as that for morphing structures, but with two differences:
    • Beetle units cost water, not ambria
    • If the morphing units have any excess resource counters, one may be given to the finished unit. For example, if two Harvesters each have two water, and you choose to morph them into a Hunter, the excess water counter may be given to the finished Hunter.
  • If a unit helping with a morph is killed (or moved by a Urodel), the morph will still continue. An opponent can only stop a morph by killing (or moving) every unit on the stack.

Virus Edit

  • To morph a Maggot into a Mosquito, place the Mosquito face-down underneath the Maggot, then engage both cards 1 turn. When the stack reaches the ready orientation, the Maggot is discarded and the Mosquito is turned face-up.
  • To morph a Festering Corpse into a Reanimated unit, attach a Reanimated card to any suppressed unit, place both cards face-down underneath a Festering Corpse, then engage both cards once. When the stack reaches the ready orientation, the Festering Corpse is discarded and the Reanimated unit is turned face-up.
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