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Nest: This is your command structure. If it is destroyed, you lose!Male Rat: Has more health than Female RatsFemale Rat: Learns skills and weapons faster than Male RatsWorkshop: Can train up to 3 rats at a time, or research Siegecraft, but not both at the same timeCraftsman: Can build structures more efficientlyForeman: Can build structures even more efficientlySiegecraft: Allows Workshop to train Siegeman skillSiegeman: Can build and use siege weaponsSiegemaster: Can build and use siege weapons, allows siege weapons to move more quicklyArmory: Can train up to 3 rats at a timeSkirmisher: A weapon which works best in groupsWarhammer: A slow defensive weaponSpear: An aggressive melee weaponMaster Skirmisher: Provides more armor than the SkirmisherMaster Warhammer: Provides more armor than the Warhammer and is fasterReservoir: Water allows you to build more RatsMauler: A melee siege weapon that can reach the battlefield quicklyBallista: A ranged siege weaponOnager: The most powerful siege weapon availableLaboratory: Can research 1 upgrade at a timeTorsion: Unlocks OnagerFlaming Arrows: Extra damage for Longbows and BallistaePlatemail: +1 blunt armor for all RatsChainmail: +1 piercing armor for all RatsCure: Used against the Virus race (expansion pack)Academy: Unlocks master level weaponsOfficer: Can negate damage at the end of combatScout: Can reveal nearby Hidden unitsSenior Officer: Improves the effectiveness of nearby OfficersMaster Scout: Hidden, and can reveal nearby hidden unitsArchery Range: Can train up to 3 rats at a timeLongbow: A light ranged weaponMaster Longbow: Can attack two targets per turn, or one target that's farther awayMaster Spear: Can kill any nearby enemy unit in one hitStructures: Click to learn more about this card typeSkills: Click to learn more about this card typeUpgrades: Click to learn more about this card typeUnits: Click to learn more about this card typeWeapons: Click to learn more about this card typeSiege Weapons: Click to learn more about this card typeRat Tech Tree v2.png
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  • Hovering your mouse cursor over a bubble will give a brief tooltip on what that card is used for. Clicking on a bubble will take you to the page about that card.
  • The blue bubble at the top of each box indicates the name of a structure. The other bubbles indicate what that structure can unlock, build, research, or train.
  • The black arrows indicate the tech requirements for each structure. For example, to build a Laboratory, you must already have a Workshop and an Academy in play. All structures are built by Rats.
  • Some cards may have additional requirements. When bringing any card into play, be sure to check the bottom of the card for further instructions.


  • Simple: To build an Academy, you must first build an Armory. You may only begin building the Academy after the Armory finishes.
  • Moderate: To train a Master Skirmisher, you must first build an Armory and then send a rat there to learn the Skirmisher weapon. After you have built an Academy, you may then send the Skirmisher rat to the Armory again to learn the Master Skirmisher weapon.
  • Advanced: To build an Onager, you must first build a Workshop, use it to research Siegecraft, then send a rat there to learn the Siegeman skill. You will need to build an Armory followed by an Academy to unlock the Laboratory. At the Laboratory, you must research Torsion. Now you may have the Siegeman rat build an Onager.