Description Edit

  • Race: Rat
  • Type: Skill
  • Tech requirements:
  • Built where?: Academy
  • Build cost / time: no cost / 3 turns
  • Effects/Abilities:
    • Senior Officer and all nearby Officers may each negate 2 new damage counters during each cleanup phase.
  • Attributes:
    • Maximum of 1 in play

Mechanics Edit

Not only can a Senior Officer negate 2 new damage each turn, it also increases the effectiveness of nearby Officers. For example, if you have two Officers, ordinarily they can only negate 1 damage each for a total of 2 damage. However, if you add a Senior Officer, they can each negate 2 damage for a total of 6 damage. This effect is lost if Senior Officer dies or is not in the same location as your Officers.

Officer damage negation should take place before the standard armor check. See cleanup phase for more details.

Strategy Edit

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