Split is a mechanic featured in the Beetles race. It is an action which allows a unit to create a copy of itself. There are two ways of splitting a unit:

  • Have a unit gather at least one water. When that unit is ready, remove one water counter from it, place a new copy of that unit face-down underneath the existing one, then engage both cards 1 turn. When the stack reaches the ready orientation, the new card is turned face-up.
  • Place a new copy of a unit face-down underneath an existing unit, then engage both cards 1 turn. Place this stack underneath a Water Pod. This takes up 1 of the pod's 3 slots. When the stack reaches the ready orientation, the new card is turned face-up, and both cards are brought out from underneath the Water Pod.

Ordinarily, Harvesters are the only unit that can split. However, the Progenesis upgrade allows all Beetle units to split. This makes unit production both cheaper and faster.

Splitting a unit must result in two of the same unit. For example, splitting a Hunter always causes another Hunter to come into play.

If a unit has excess resource counters when it splits, you may distribute those counters among the two units however you choose. For example, if a Harvester has 2 ambria and 2 water when it splits at the Water Pod, you might choose to give the 2 ambria to one Harvester and the 2 water to the other.

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