Once you've picked a race, take a look at some of the cards in your deck. The diagram below will explain the layout of your cards.

  • Name: To find out more about a card, you can type its name into the search box on this wiki.
  • Race: Cards can only be used by the person who is playing the specified race. There are no cards which are featured in multiple races.
  • Tech requirements: Each card has specific conditions that must be met before it can be brought into play. Those will be listed here.
  • Attributes: Some cards have attributes, such as Ranged or Fast, which are mostly used to determine how they behave in combat. To find out more about an attribute, type the name into the search box.
  • Cost: This indicates what the player must pay in order to bring a card into play. It may mention water, ambria, maggots, or nothing at all.
  • Card type: Every card has a card type, which defines how it behaves. This tutorial will explain the card types that can be found in your deck.
  • Effects / abilities: Some cards have passive abilities, which come into effect when the card enters the game, and others have active abilities which must be used during your turn. Those will be described here.
  • Attack power / Health: The first number indicates how much damage a card deals in combat, and the second number indicates how much damage a card can take before it dies. Some cards are not used in combat, and will not have these numbers listed.

Whenever you're ready, the next tutorial page will explain how to set up your cards for the beginning of the game.

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Note: The above image is based on prototype cards, which were created using Magic Set Editor. The final published layout may feature significant changes.

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