Apex Predator is a turn-based strategy game. The objective is to build an army, then use it to destroy your opponent's Command Structure. Unlike many tabletop games, there are no elements of randomness—no dice rolling, no card shuffling, no coin tossing. Victory is determined solely by your ability to make critical decisions.

Before learning how to play, you'll want to make sure that you have enough space for your game. Apex Predator is best played on a large flat surface, such as a dining table or carpet. The playing area is divided into locations called "bases", "low grounds", and "battlefields"; the configuration of these areas depends on how many people are playing:

The different locations can be separated by laying out straightedges or kitchen placemats. The bases should be large enough to hold at least 10 playing cards without becoming cluttered. The other locations can be smaller. Finally, the various types of counters (ambria, water, piercing damage, blunt damage) should be placed near the playing area where all players can reach them.

Once you've set up the playing area, click "next" to continue.

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