After setting up the playing space, each player should begin by choosing a race to play. There are four playable races which feature unique sets of cards and gameplay mechanics:

  • Rats: The Rats seek to protect each other and understand the artifacts that their human predecessors left behind. War is not their preferred course, but it is one for which they are well-equipped: handheld weapons, military training academies, and powerful siege weapons. Rats are very strong in the later stages of the game — if they can survive long enough to get there!
  • Lizards: The Lizards believe that it is their sacred duty to cleanse the Earth of lesser species so that they may earn their rightful inheritance. Fearing neither pain nor death, they sculpt their own bodies into vicious killing machines, gladly sacrificing themselves for their cause. Lizards are an aggressive race that win by constantly attacking their opponents.
  • Beetles: The Beetles are driven only by the constant need to feed. Evolution has made the Beetles highly adaptable, morphing from one form to the next to find any way to satisfy their hunger. Beetles can swiftly react to an opponent's choices and quickly replenish their losses.
  • Virus: The mosquitoes themselves are harmless, but the Virus they carry can creep past sword and stone, slowly destroying other lifeforms from the inside out. A slain comrade can quickly turn into a living nightmare as the Virus reanimates the fallen to fight again!

Once each player has chosen a race, click next to continue the tutorial.

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