After picking a race, each player should sit next to one of the "bases" that were laid out earlier. Next, find your race on the list below, and place the indicated cards face-up in your base:

  • Rats: 1 Nest, 1 Reservoir, 1 Workshop, 1 Armory, 3 Male Rats, 3 Female Rats
  • Lizards: 1 Oviary, 1 Well, 1 Mendelon, 1 Temple of Ctenos, 6 Gulbars
  • Beetles: 1 Thinker, 1 Water Pod, 1 Pheromone Pod, 6 Harvesters
  • Virus: 1 Stagnant Reservoir, 1 Festering Corpse, 1 Mosquito, Infection I, 6 Maggots

You may arrange these cards however you like, so long as it is clear that they are in your base.

Note: This is known as the quickstart variant, which is designed to help teach new players. As you become more experienced with the game, you may want to try the standard variant, which is designed for more competitive play.

Next, you should separate the rest of your deck into piles according to card type, and place these piles near your base. Later on, you can organize your deck however you like, but for this tutorial, keep them separated by card type. The different card types for each race are listed below:

  • Rats: Unit, Weapon, Skill, Structure, Siege Weapon, Upgrade
  • Lizards: Unit, Trait, Structure, Upgrade
  • Beetles: Unit, Structure, Pheromone, Form, Upgrade
  • Virus: Unit, Structure, Upgrade, Attachment

Once you've finished setting up your base and your deck, click next to continue.

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