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Mechanics Edit

Tongue lash can only be used to move a unit at the top of a stack. If that unit has any face-up cards attached to it, those should move as well. If that unit has any face-down cards underneath it, those are destroyed.

Tongue lash preserves the engagement of whatever unit it moves. This means that if a Urodel tongue lashes a ready unit, it will arrive in the Urodel's location in the ready orientation. Similarly, if a Urodel tongue lashes a unit that is engaged twice, it will arrive engaged twice.

Tongue lash is not affected by cards which block or alter movement speed, such as Ctenosaur, Bind, or Fatigue.

Strategy Edit

The Urodel is an effective harassment unit. If brought to the opponent's low ground, it can use tongue lash to prevent Rats from building new structures or Beetles from completing morphs.

If you are using Ctenosaurs, or if a Virus opponent researches Fatigue, it can be helpful to keep at least one Urodel in play, since Tongue lash can be used to help slow lizards move across the map more efficiently.

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