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  • Hovering your mouse cursor over a bubble will give a brief tooltip on the mechanics of that card. Clicking on a bubble will take you to the page about that card.
  • The gray box indicates cards that can be produced at a Stagnant Reservoir or Festering Corpse. Maggots are spawned each turn, and upgrades must be researched.
  • The black arrows indicate the tech requirements for each upgrade. For example, to research Suppression, you must first research Infection I.


  • Simple: To research Airborne Pathogen, you must first research Contagion I. You cannot begin researching Airborne Pathogen until Contagion I is finished.
  • Moderate: To Reanimate an enemy unit, you must research Infection I, then Suppression, then kill an enemy unit, then morph a Festering Corpse into the suppressed unit.
  • Advanced: There are several ways to create a Festering Corpse. One is to kill your own Abominations: First research Infection I. Then have a Mosquito attack a Maggot or another Mosquito, which will cause it to morph into an Abomination. Have the Mosquito attack that Abomination to give it a Carrier attachment. Once the Carrier card is face-up, kill the abomination with Infection I to turn it into a Festering Corpse.
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