Water Structure is a card type used by Rats, Lizards, and Beetles, but not the Virus:

The water structure allows gathering units to obtain water instead of ambria. Since water is often used to build more units, and since resources can only be gathered for a fixed number of turns, it is usually very beneficial for a player to get one or both of their water structures into play as early as possible.

  • Water structures do not have any tech requirements; thus, they can be built on a player's first turn.
  • Water structures have a maximum number of units that can gather there each turn. For Wells and Water Pods, this number is 3. For Reservoirs, this number is 2.
  • In general, if a card or rule mentions the word "structure", it applies to water structures as well.
  • Units of one race are not allowed to gather water at a water structure of another race, even if the two races are on the same team.
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